Caribbean cuisine



Today we headed back to our home town of Huddersfield for the annual Caribbean carnival. After enjoying the colourful parade through the town centre we made our way to Greenhead Park where there are stalls full of West Indian food. As the sounds of soca and  reggae filled the air, thousands poured into the park, bouyed by the appropriately hot weather. Smoke from the jerk barbecues drifted through the sunlight and we couldn’t wait to get started on the food.

photo (13)

First up was a Jamaican patty, soft pastry full of spiced ground beef, the shell coloured yellow with turmeric. These are a real example of how cultures combined in Jamaica to create distinctive flavours. They are thought to result from colonial times, when the British pasty was combined with spices brought by the Indian servants, and hot chillies favoured by the ancestors of African slaves.

The scotch bonnet chilli features…

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